Hand Made Books

For something unique and original I am now offering hand-made books for those who appreciate such things. These are not produced by an online book-printing service such as Blurb or Momento etc. Instead, I personally make every limited edition book to order from the word go, with each page printed by me using a double-sided 220gsm cotton rag paper with a smooth matt surface, the same way I make fine prints except being of a lighter weight. Once the body of the book is printed, I assemble it by hand using only acid free materials and glue. The spine is both glued and side-stitched for maximum strength and the book is then covered using one of the many beautiful (often hand-made) papers I have collected over the years, which can be art in themselves. End papers are usually chosen to complement the cover. What this all means is that each book is in and of itself an original art object as well as being one of only a very limited number made, the number depending upon the edition (usually 20 or less).

I also design every aspect of the book from the ground up to suit the theme, including graphics, font selection and layout and then decide upon suitable papers and finishing touches (such as very subtly toning the cover image, if included, to match warmer coloured papers). As you can imagine, there is considerable work and materials in the construction process, so I only make books to order. Inevitably, they will sometimes have quirks and anomalies arising from the process of hand-made construction that, in the spirit of the Japanese term wabi, adds uniqueness and elegance to the object.

Page detail "unfamiliar"

I have now settled on a standardised format, hence the costs and prices also, to a size of approximately 255 x 245mm (about 10" x 9.7") with an average thickness of 23mm (0.9") depending on the number of pages. Each of the following titles is limited to an edition of 20 and is priced at AU$500 including shipping.

There are currently four such editions for sale. For sample images from each one, go to "Projects" in the menu and click on the corresponding title.

The first book, titled "unfamiliar", is a collection of 34 images on 72 pages, all in black and white and square format, taken for a project I undertook during 2013 in my local area of Far North Queensland, mostly in the Cairns region.

"unfamiliar" earned a Silver Award at the 2016 Tokyo International Foto Awards.

"unfamiliar" edition and title pages.

The second book is the result of a journey through Spain in 2014 and is titled "the way of Shadows". It has 94 pages with 46 black and white images, most of which have a corresponding haiku composed by me and relating to the image, printed on the opposing page. The square format of the book allows both vertical and horizontal images to be displayed at a similar size.

One of the sections in "the way of Shadows"

'the way of Shadows' edition page showing embossed seal detail.

The third book, titled "Reflections and contemplations", conveys my impressions of an aspect of Japan that I noticed on two separate trips there in 2012 and 2015 (mostly the latter), which also have corresponding haiku for most images. Similar in format to the second book, it has 90 pages with 43 images also in black and white.

The title and edition pages of "Reflections and contemplations" showing embossed seal detail (Artist's Proof).

A section heading, "Reflections and contemplation".

The fourth book, titled "Heaven & Earth", is based upon a common theme from the dozen or so countries visited throughout 2018, namely the ubiquity of the Christian religion. Each image in this book is accompanied by a quotation from some of the people, wiser than myself, who have influenced my thinking or those that reflect something of my own outlook on life. The format is, once again, similar to the previous two and has 94 pages with 45 black and white images.

"Heaven & Earth" received a Bronze Award at the 2020 Tokyo International Foto Awards.

Hand made paper on the cover of "Heaven and Earth".

One of the sections of "Heaven and Earth".

Construction detail, "Heaven and Earth".

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