1. Spring is Sprung

    Date 08 Apr 2018
    Aspects of Arcos #53 This is very late but I’ve finally got around to posting these pics from the tail end of the Malta trip which are actually in Barcelona. And what could be more Barca than Gaudi? Also included though are a few from the Barcelona Cathedral (Cathedral

  2. Holy Gozo (Batman)

    Date 15 Mar 2018
    Gozo Sky Apparently the smaller of the two main Maltese islands, Gozo, has a saying that it’s “the land where time stood still”. Notwithstanding all the new(ish) cars, new apartments, electricity and all the other appurtenances of modern living, it would imply to me that churches are a thing of…

  3. Destinazzjoni: Malta

    Date 07 Mar 2018
    Gnejna Cloud The northern tip of Malta, the southern tip of Gozo and the smallest island of Comino from above As can be deduced from the title, we’re currently in Malta and enjoying the mild temperatures and change in culture. Malta (and its language too) are quite a mix of…

  4. Aspects of Arcos

    Date 21 Feb 2018
    Aspects of Arcos #26 Having made Arcos de la Frontera our home for the next year it is inevitably going to feature prominently in my photographs whilst we’re here, which will be for a lot of the time, so to kick off a new series that I‘m calling “Aspects of Arcos”…

  5. Home … for a while

    Date 07 Feb 2018
    Sunrise and Tree Arcos de la Frontera is the premier pueblo blanco (white village) in Andalucía, Spain … and it’s now our home for the next year! Having gained temporary residency we can come and go without the Schengen Zone time restrictions, and have settled into the apartment which is in a…

  6. Hola España

    Date 24 Jan 2018
    Salobreña Sky #2 We’ve now been in the south of Spain (Salobreña on the Costa del Sol to be precise) for a couple of weeks and I haven’t posted anything before now, primarily because I haven’t taken a lot of photos due to being in the process of finding somewhere…

  7. Adieu Corse

    Date 12 Jan 2018
    Mountain Sky, Corsica Our last week in Corsica has been spent in a few more places including a day wandering around the small city of Bastia and a trip to Corte and the centre of this beautiful Mediterranean island where there has been a bit of snow, at least in…

  8. The New Year

    Date 04 Jan 2018
    Santa Maria Sky The last week or more has been variable and interesting with visits and walks to quite a few villages and other areas. It’s interesting how even though we spent two weeks in this exact location in 2009 we have seen some beautiful spots already this time that…

  9. New Old Horizons

    Date 24 Dec 2017
    Ligurian Sunrise #4 This post has been a long time coming and I apologise for the delay but unfortunately there have been circumstances that were beyond my control. That has now been remedied and yesterday we woke up in Corsica! True to my theme I have a skyscape as the…

  10. Back In WA

    Date 06 Nov 2017
    South West Sky We’ve been in Western Australia (our home state) for almost three weeks now with at least a few weeks still to go, so I thought I’d better post an update for those who are following. It’s fairly image rich and word poor because we are still just visiting…

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