Road Trip!

For those of you not in the know, we decided to leave Perth in Western Australia and travel back to Cairns in far north Queensland where we had previously made our home for 17 years. It was a bit of a rushed decision and our van, a VW Transporter was hurriedly finished converting to a travel wagon after initially being intended for local jaunts.

After some time visiting family in the south west we travelled through the Porongurup and Stirling Ranges and made our way across the south coast to Esperance. I won’t comment much on the journey itself but just put up a few pics. (This has taken a while as reception is not good in much of regional Australia).

A brief visit to more family in Kalgoorlie and we could finally hit the road across the Nullarbor Plain which, despite the name (at least in pig Latin), has only a few patches that actually have no trees. One thing that I have always liked about the Nullarbor (apart from the peace and quiet and lack of people) is the stars at night, hence the photos of the Milky Way or “Sky River” as the Japanese like to call it. That hasn’t changed much since our last crossing in 2000 but the almost continuous passing of 4WD vehicles towing caravans has certainly changed the lack of people aspect.

Once we passed Ceduna in South Australia we quickly made our way to Mildura and across the north west corner of Victoria and up the centre of New South Wales where we chanced upon a lovely spot on the shores of Lake Benanee.

I have finally managed to upload the photos for this rather delayed post but connectivity should(!) be better from now on in, so I hope any more updates will be posted a bit more promptly.

UPDATE Sept 23: I never ended up taking many more photos once we reached Queensland so this will be the only post from our brief road trip.

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