Adieu Corse

Our last week in Corsica has been spent in a few more places including a day wandering around the small city of Bastia and a trip to Corte and the centre of this beautiful Mediterranean island where there has been a bit of snow, at least in the high interior. Driving up the Restonica Valley just out of Corte, the temperature slowly dwindled from a cool 7ºC down to 1ºC and snow started to appear first in patches and then drifts and finally covering and blocking the entire road. But the skies where still clear and blue so we put on our jackets, scarves, beanies and gloves and walked the final part to the trailhead. We managed to make it two thirds of the way to Lac de Melo before the snow became too thick for easy going and we were starting to take off the extra clothing from the exertion, so we picked our way back to the car and cruised back toward Bastia.

From there we went over the spine of Cap Corse to Patrimonio to return to our abode via the little village of Nonza that hangs precariously onto the clifftops on the west coast of the Cap. Having visited Nonza before we knew what to expect, but it was still impressive, this time in the winter, and as lovely as before with its watch tower, the long stairway down to the “beach” and the convoluted cobblestone streets.

Our last days here have been spent doing a few local walks, revisiting Scalo and just chilling out. Corsica is a very photogenic place for me, but we must now say farewell and so present this final selection of images taken before we head on to Spain. 

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