Aspects of Arcos

Having made Arcos de la Frontera our home for the next year it is inevitably going to feature prominently in my photographs whilst we’re here, which will be for a lot of the time, so to kick off a new series that I‘m calling “Aspects of Arcos” I am posting this more general selection of pictures that won’t all make it into the more permanent set in the menu. I will likely be including a few examples in most posts that I’ll make from here in Arcos as well.

Arcos, to use its more common abbreviated name, is turning out to be a wonderful location for walking, as it’s surrounded by countryside within easy walking distance in every direction. Not only that, but most directions afford outstanding views of this picturesque village amidst its spectacular setting perched on the clifftops to the north and south. To this effect I have already started to accumulate quite a collection of photos of Arcos from varying aspects around the countryside as well as from within, which will be expanded upon regularly. I look forward to capturing its many faces over the year through different seasons and conditions and at different times of the day, and see how much of both variety and subtly I can convey.

So here are a few more of this first set from the end of winter/beginning of spring, including a couple of the first spring flowers to appear. 

I have now rearranged the menu with several new items including “Aspects of Arcos” and another ongoing project I have, called “AndaLUZia”, luz being the Spanish word for light.

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