Blue and White

It’s no coincidence that blue and white are the colours of the Greek flag and when most people think of Greece they probably tend to think of a sun drenched island with white washed villages, surrounded by the blue waters of the Aegean Sea. This quintessential Greek representation describes Santorini fairly well, with the added bonus of several towns in spectacular clifftop locations that are some of the most visited in the country. Despite the popularity, maybe because it’s already November (but still pleasantly mild in the weather department) and also because we’re in some nice digs in a traditional (partly earth sheltered) house in Fira for the last few days, it has been a very agreeable stay to wrap up our time in Greece.

Although tourism is probably the sole reason for the island’s continued economic existence in the twenty first century, it seems relatively low key at this time of year. Many things are over-the-top expensive as is expected on an island of this sort, but basic food and transport is quite reasonable, or at least that’s what we’ve found anyway, and the towns are plenty small enough to walk around in an hour with amazing views at every turn, especially on the steep side that runs down the volcanic caldera. Even with cruise ships coming and going it hasn’t been too crowded but we’ve avoided the middle of the day and the early morning is inevitably quiet. And now that daylight savings has ended and the sun can rise an hour earlier again ;-) we even get an extra bonus hour of morning light before most other people are up.

Well there isn’t really much more I can or need to say that can’t be said with pictures so I’ll just finish with a string of slightly clichéd photos of blue domed churches and leave it at that.

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