Destinazzjoni: Malta

As can be deduced from the title, we’re currently in Malta and enjoying the mild temperatures and change in culture. Malta (and its language too) are quite a mix of other places with its own, unique character. Italian and Arabic seem to be the two main influences and what a great combination it is with us loving Mediterranean and especially Middle Eastern food. So far we haven’t met anyone who doesn’t speak English, so it’s been really easy to get around and find things.

It’s a very small place but we have still only seen parts of the main island of Malta and all I’ve been able to do thus far is get a quick view of a few details. We will be heading to the smaller island of Gozo in a few days where it’s supposed to be much more rural than here and I’m curious to see the difference. The capital Valletta is easily walked around in a few hours but has a wealth of history embedded within. Having apparently been designed and built originally by the Knights of St John in the 16th century it has a definite military bent to it. World War 2 wasn’t kind to it either, being in such a strategic position in the Mediterranean Sea, so it has plenty of military history in that regard too. On the other side of the harbour there are the “Three Cities” of Senglea, Birgu and Conspicua which can also be walked around in half a day.

Everything is only a short bus ride away but we have only scratched the surface of course. The countryside is mostly cultivated but quite pretty and there are some nature reserves such as this one in Gnejna Bay in the west.

And then there’s the little fishing ports such as Marsaxlokk and the fortified towns inland like M’dina …

and the local market (they’re pretty similar wherever you go) here in Birkirkara where we’re staying …

So check back as there could well be more from Gozo in another week’s time. 

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