(Final) Impressions

A heads up to everyone I’ve told that I’ll be starting a blog/travelogue to let them occasionally know where we are and something of what we’ve been up to. By the time you read this we are probably no longer in Cairns but at the time of writing we were (just) so absolutely no news there, but we’re now houseless! Note that’s not homeless, as the world is our home now, but we’ve moved out of the place that we’ve been calling home for the last 16+ years, and the next post, whenever that is, will be from another place, wherever that is. Once we’re on the road in earnest (meaning no longer in Australia) my plan is to post something every week or two - more often if there’s more to say, less often if there’s less to say (by which I really mean if I’ve had the opportunity to take more or less photographs). I hope I’m not being either too optimistic nor that I will bore you with too much.

So to get the travelogue ball rolling here’s a selection of photos from my final visual impressions of Cairns taken over our last few weeks here. Thanks for coming, I hope you enjoy them and stay tuned …

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