New Old Horizons

This post has been a long time coming and I apologise for the delay but unfortunately there have been circumstances that were beyond my control. That has now been remedied and yesterday we woke up in Corsica! True to my theme I have a skyscape as the opening image taken from Liccetu where we are staying (again, hence the title) looking toward Italy. It was a beautiful cool morning and even though central Corsica is having it very cold (lots of snow on the mountains), here in Cap Corse in the north, the weather is pleasantly mild for winter with mostly clear skies and temperatures around 10-14ºC. So here are a few pics from our arrival and first morning.

We’ve already walked up the “mountain” behind Liccetu twice and have lots of other trails to follow in the next few weeks. Not wanting to bore you with too many beautiful landscape images but here are a few more photos from those excursions. The top of the pass has a great view south and west towards those snow covered mountains of central Corsica seen in the distance in the two photos following the path up. 

And finally, to join in the festive spirit on this Christmas eve I’ve included a Western Australian “Christmas Tree” photo taken before we departed those shores.

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