Transition Time

We’ve been hanging out in Brisbane for a couple of weeks now, catching up with friends and checking out the scenery before heading to Perth in a few days time. There are many jacaranda trees in flower at the moment which makes for a spectacular display of colour but the weather has been highly variable and most of our time here has been spent staying in lovely Mt Nebo, which is actually in Moreton Shire rather than Brisbane itself and a fair hike to the big city. However, a couple of trips here and there to the city or surrounds have allowed for a few photographs to be taken and the time has allowed us to start transitioning to a more nomadic way of life for the time being. I don’t think there’s that much else for me to say though and for us it’s still just Queensland, Australia on the way to more exotic locales, so I’ll just put up a few photos and leave it at that for now.

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