1. Moving On

    2018-07-02 13:17:56 UTC
    Dawn over Mt Kazbek We spent a relatively uneventful week walking around in the cool mountains of Kazbegi (officially known as Stepantsminda) and having to deal with the somewhat parochial locals. The only thing of any note in Kazbegi is the Gergeti Trinity Church perched on its lofty hilltop high…

  2. Road Trip

    2018-06-21 12:32:38 UTC
    God Beams over Khor Virap Having been almost constantly on the road for the last week or so, it’s good to now be staying in one place, at least for a (short) while. We had bidden a fond farewell to our driver and guide Karen who accompanied us for much…

  3. Arme…zing

    2018-06-10 11:06:22 UTC
    Clouds ove Mt Ararat and Yerevan After only a week in Armenia it has so far left a far different impression than Georgia, which as previously stated hasn’t lived up to expectations (yet!). The people and landscape, while having many similarities, are very different in so many other ways. I…

  4. A Little Further Afield

    2018-06-03 15:10:19 UTC
    Acropolis Sky Parthenon from the streets of Athens First up we’ve had a five day stop over in Athens where we enjoyed yummy Greek food and a little sightseeing, and we have now left our apartment in Arcos permanently as the logistics just weren’t working for us, so sadly we…

  5. A Brief Interlude

    2018-05-18 04:38:47 UTC
    Aspects of Arcos #104 Having spent three weeks in the UK and being so late in posting the photos from that time, I thought a few more Aspects of Arcos, including around the time of the full moon, would make a brief but picturesque interlude before we journey on to…

  6. Moor from the UK

    2018-05-11 00:20:22 UTC
    Salisbury Sky To start with I have to apologise for the tardiness between posts (mainly) because of connectivity issues. To compensate I have included more photos than I normally would. Since the last update we have left the bucolic surroundings of East Anglia and made the trek down to the…

  7. A Change of Climate

    2018-04-21 14:30:27 UTC
    Lancing Beach Huts and Sky There’s quite a difference between the weather in the UK compared to the south of Spain where so many Brits spend their holiday time or retirement, and having come directly from Arcos and Seville to the south of England we can fully attest to that…

  8. Spring is Sprung

    2018-04-08 19:57:10 UTC
    Aspects of Arcos #53 This is very late but I’ve finally got around to posting these pics from the tail end of the Malta trip which are actually in Barcelona. And what could be more Barca than Gaudi? Also included though are a few from the Barcelona Cathedral (Cathedral

  9. Holy Gozo (Batman)

    2018-03-15 14:48:03 UTC
    Gozo Sky Apparently the smaller of the two main Maltese islands, Gozo, has a saying that it’s “the land where time stood still”. Notwithstanding all the new(ish) cars, new apartments, electricity and all the other appurtenances of modern living, it would imply to me that churches are a thing of…

  10. Destinazzjoni: Malta

    2018-03-07 12:57:31 UTC
    Gnejna Cloud The northern tip of Malta, the southern tip of Gozo and the smallest island of Comino from above As can be deduced from the title, we’re currently in Malta and enjoying the mild temperatures and change in culture. Malta (and its language too) are quite a mix of…

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